[Update 20/11: The book of abstract for COMBURA 2022 can now be downloaded below]

[Update 17/11: The online registration for COMBURA 2022 will close on Friday 18th of November at 6pm. Please make sure to register before that following the instructions here. For registration after that date, please contact n.a.k.doan@tudelft.nl or i.langella@tudelft.nl. Details regarding the possibility for on-site registration will be provided soon.]

[Update 10/11: The schedule for the COMBURA 2022 meeting is now available here.]

[Update 16/10: The deadline for abstract/poster submission has been extended to October 21st. Notifications of acceptance will be sent between October 24th and 28th.]

The COMBURA symposium is the major annual event for exchange of information on combustion research and its practical applications, in the Netherlands, which takes place annually. It is an initiative of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Vlamonderzoek NVV (Netherlands Association for Flame Research).

Participants from universities, research institutes, and industrial companies in the Netherlands and surrounding countries are invited. At the symposium, the latest developments and innovations in advanced combustion research will be presented, with the emphasis on the potential for application in industry. In addition, the symposium offers unique chances to expand and maintain your professional network.